Griffin / Gryphon


A powerful symbol found in the ancient Celtic tradition and the mythologies of many ancient cultures, the Griffin (also written Gryphon or Griffon) has the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the body and tail of a lion. Belonging to, and ruling over, the skies as an eagle and the earth as a lion (both solar creatures), the Griffin symbolises duality.  Strong, noble, loyal and virtuous, it was a guardian of both the earthly and the spiritual world, and symbolised the seasons, as well as (like the dragon) the relationship between the sun, sky and earth, between cosmic forces and psychic energy. Symbolising strength, nobility and wisdom, as well as with retribution and vengeance, the Griffin was adopted by Christianity as a symbol of Christ and resurrection, as well as the wisdom and power of God. By contrast, however, in later periods this strange magical creature came to be regarded by many as something monstrous, not both eagle and lion, but neither one nor the other, an imperfection, a perversion. Consequently, it was also associated with the Devil and evil.


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Griffin Pendant

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